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Military, police Massacre IPOB Family in Onitsha



We peacefully evangelising when the fresh attack by police starts releasing bullets on us. We do nothing to them, we never destroy anything , we also control the traffic . What they only did is just open fire on us. This is an evil formed by the president because they don't have any for killing of Biafrans now, We are ready to revenge back most especially the president and his extended must suffer this and also the inspector general of police must prosecuted for this. This call for WAR! WAR! WAR!!! The zoo called Nigeria must fall now. They have done their worst.

We re just getting reports from Onitsha that a team of military and police detachment have attacked unarmed civilians during a peaceful demonstration in Onitsha for the restoration of Biafra .

This happened today after memebers of IPOB had a successful meeting, and decided to have a peaceful rally/evangelism as always before the Nigeria police struck.

According to eye witnesses, 30 people were hit with bullets and 3 have so far confirm dead and